About Us
We are UK based, located in the North West of England amongst the traditional manufacturing regions of Manchester, Merseyside and Lancashire. We work with other organisations including not for profit professionals in the region that support manufacturing and collaborate with our professional bodies in the industry. We remain independent practitioners to our clients and offer a variety of services to a very demanding market where achieving results is the only measure of success.
Our Directors and Consultants have decades of experience in Directorship and senior management roles in large multi-national companies and corporations; leading purchasing teams, departments and divisions across multiple sites in a global market. We use that experience to deliver solutions to all companies across a spectrum of size and ownership, from SME’s to large national PLC’s.

Me3Founder & Managing Director – Adrian Brown BSc CEng has been managing at Director level for over twenty years. Responsible for Purchasing and Global Sourcing for several multi-national companies, he has led successful projects for cross functional divisions, sourcing goods and services meeting demanding deadlines and budgets. Whilst operating in the UK Adrian’s experience in international markets covers Europe, Asia and USA over many years.
As Lead Consultant Adrian specialises in Supply Chain integration and consolidation of challenging regional differences to ensure corporate objectives are satisfied. He has a particular interest in LEAN operational practices. Providing technical support and advice to many clients and associates Adrian has a vast knowledge of engineering processes and practices.

Chris Woodall 2Senior Consultant – Chris Woodall has a wealth of first hand practitioner experience of delivering change based on thirty years in industry. Chris has led purchasing teams and departments as Logistics Manager and senior management positions with leading companies Thorn EMI, Schlumberger, Halliburton and SAPPI, developing a career that specialises in Logistics, Material Management, Production & Inventory Control and Procurement.
Since joining the company in 2005 and completing major residential projects for S4S Ltd clients Chris has expanded his experience to full project management of outsourcing campaigns and delivering new supply chain arrangements whilst adopting best practice in the industry. As a member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport, and The Institute of Operations Management, and more recently Practitioner for the Institute of Manufacturing, Chris keeps a keen eye on what is happening at the grass roots of UK industry. Having spent the last five years working with our loyal clients Chris has hands on experience of delivering change particularly in the SME market providing valuable guidance and practical solutions to a wide variety of businesses where funding is part of the solution.

Proven Track Record
S4S Ltd are proud of our track record helping UK manufacturers to achieve better results and improved profitability in a very competitive market. We have established a loyal client base and a reputation for best practice, integrity and professionalism, offering competitive rates and flexibility to ensure we remain at the leading edge of our industry.
Why not contact us today and let us introduce S4S Ltd to you and your team, we look forward to hearing from you.