Ethical Policy


This Ethical Policy governs the way we interact with our business partners, customers, suppliers, communities and the environment. It serves to inform our choice of partners and associates of our commitment to social awareness, fair trade and responsible business behaviour, in accordance with accepted principles of good corporate governance.


Culture & Relationships
We will aim to work in the most efficient and ethically correct way possible within our industry.
• We will aim to build long term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and suppliers.
• We will listen to our customers and respond with integrity, openness, honesty and will endeavour to always meet our promises.
• We will value all our associates by showing trust and respect and will not discriminate in anyway on the basis of age, sex, creed, race or beliefs.

Policy & Legislation
• We will, at all times comply with our policy to stay within the laws, rules and regulations of the countries, states or jurisdiction in which we operate.
• We will cooperate fully with the relevant public authorities and appropriate regulatory bodies whenever it is required.

• We will only share information with the knowledge and consent of our clients.
• At all other times information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, shared or rented in any form.

• We will at all times minimise the risks to our employees, clients and the environment.
• We will where ever possible protect from risk the financial management of our customers when acting on their behalf.
• We will never request any action from our employees or associates that may result in personnel or industrial injury.

We will demonstrate our commitment to the protection of the environment through individual and corporate action that will include the following.
• Minimise energy use.
• Prevention of pollution and protection of resources.
• Recycling and sustainable waste management.

• We will train our employees in accordance with this ethics policy so they will understand their responsibility to the organisation, our clients and business communities.
• We will include all aspects of this policy on induction of new or temporary employees and will regularly evaluate all employee practices to ensure that we fully comply with this policy statement.

Our reputation, together with the trust and confidence of those who deal with us is one of our most valued assets.
If you have any comments or queries regarding this Ethical Policy Statement, please contact S4S Ltd and we will be happy to discuss this matter with you.