Supply Chain

Responsibilities for the purchasing function are many and varied. It used to be understood it was only a case of….

“the right price, at the right place, of the right quality in the right quantity at the right time”
and all seemed very easy to understand.

Modern companies have more far reaching expectations of the capabilities of their purchasing performance. It is clearly understood that the procurement of goods and services is a critical business activity that has a direct impact on whether a profit can be achieved. From the simplest action of placing repeat purchase orders on trusted loyal suppliers to the most complex of capital expenditure the spectrum of Supply Chain management and all its elements is vast, complicated and demanding.
These demands of good management for all these aspects of the Supply Chain are often in conflict and influenced by many external factors such as legislation, economic and environmental. Optimisation will bring the best benefits to your business. This demands levels of expertise previously unachievable without significant investment in both systems and staff. In this global market and the use of computers to analyse vast amounts of data, intelligent buying is now both attainable and cost effective.

Today it is possible to develop a strategy and forecast the expected outcomes allowing you to make informed decisions about who should qualify to be your supplier and the full level of quality and service you expect from them. With modern methods of performance monitoring you can set targets that can be realistic and bring value for money in the total cost of ownership (TCO) for any organisation. Extending the strategy to cover the full Supply Chain and building in a coherent robust pathway with contingency is now both manageable and sensible for a business or organisation. This will ensure that profit and service is maintained and your place amongst the competition is secured.

Here are just some of the responsibilities currently undertaken in the arena of the “Supply Chain”…..

SC2         SC5        SC3

SC4        SC1       SC6

Here at S4S Ltd we have decades of firsthand experience of managing the modern Supply Chain in a variety of companies from SME’s to market leading multi-national companies & PLC’s. We provide a comprehensive range of bespoke solutions ranging from strategy development and execution within a project or coaching and mentoring your purchasing management and team to achieve your results. We are always pleased to work alongside other third party agents on multi discipline projects to ensure full integration without conflict of company goals.

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