Technical Support

Technical Support
We provide Technical Advice and Consultancy for those responsible for Procurement in the Engineering Manufacturing Industry. In the drive for operational excellence, profitability and growth companies are often tasked with buying technical goods and services from their suppliers.
At S4S Ltd we have many years of delivering supplier performance with a comprehensive understanding of the processes and technical qualities required to ensure delivery against performance targets of cost, quality and productivity.
Our Practitioner Consultants have the expertise and qualifications in such roles where it is vital to understand the challenges that buyers face when responsible for procurement of materials, parts and assemblies where conformance is an essential target. S4S Ltd can train and mentor your buyers to understand this aspect of their responsibility thus developing better relations with suppliers and service providers.
Technical Specifications and Service Contracts (SLA’s) are the most commonly requested areas for assistance; however we do offer a wide variety of Technical Support across a spectrum of industries.

Lean Manufacturing Techniques.
• Cycle time reduction.
xx• Set up time reduction (SMED).
xx• Materials Testing – PMI, NDE, Mechanical, Chemical Composition.
xx• Value Engineering.
xx• Design for Manufacture.
xx• Design for Cost.
xx• Material selection.
xx• Paper to CAD Drawing conversion.
xx• Third Party Inspection
xxCNC & Conventional Machining.
xx• Surface Treatments – Painting, Anodising, Plating etc
xx• Sheet metalwork
xx• Plastic Injection Moulding.
xx• Casting – Investment, Sand, Shell, Gravity, Pressure Die.
xx• Tools, Die & Mould design
xx• Coded Welding
xx• Fabrication.
xx• Machine Tool Selection.
xx• Machine Maintenance, scheduled and preventative.
xx• Hydraulics.

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